baby&taylor delivers its premise about quality and design. Then come our commitments:

Imagine if we could change lives by knitting and wearing knitwear. We change lives in rural villages in Tamil Nadu, India, by educating and employing women to hand-knit.

Sustainable and Ethical Hand-knitting series from India

Hand-knit is the new connection between them, us and you.

From exacting pattern creation to beautiful products, ethic, traceable and sustainable, we deliver quality hand-knitwear to dress your children with authentic values.

Internal hand knitwear pattern

Our collection is developed in collaboration with an organization in partnership with women who live in rural southern India. This organization is a sisterhood of artisans with the UN Sustainable Development Goals entwined in their/our DNA.

Hand-knitted collection in organic cotton Indian knitters

It all began with ten women, sitting on the floor of a home in a village, for reaching today 200 employed full-time women in 4 villages. These women are gaining financial independence and can afford to educate their sons and daughters. Children are seeing a shift in gender equality modeled in their family life.

Ethical and sustainable hand-knitwear from India

Each hand-knit is meticulously and personally produced – no machine intervention, no waste, no carbon footprint. This 'seasonless' collection is crafted in organic cotton GOTS certified with recycled polyester buttons.

Insertion by hand-knitting in India

Our aim is to have the person who buys our knitwear feel the same joy that our knitter had in making it.

Dune Cardigan in Organic cotton Hand-knitted